How could I possibly deserve to win a Business Award?

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It is a common misconception that Small Business Awards are all about profits and growth. In fact, many of the Awards that recognise the real world of the sole trader, the start-up, and the micro business are much more focused on innovation, dedication, perseverance, and community service. Traits that so many small businesses have in spades!

I spend a great deal of my working life helping these small businesses win Business Awards, and see, time and time again, how winning an Award can transform them and their business for the good. But there are difficulties in what I do. Strangely, by far the biggest is getting the sole trader or start-up business owner over “Imposter Syndrome”. The wrong but strong mental attitude of “how could I possibly deserve to win a Business Award?”

Once over that hurdle the owner and I can explore the options. Should we go for a National, a Regional Award, or a Local Award? With each business we need to access this decision in the light of their strengths, their target markets, and sometimes, just simply on geography.

The next stage of the process really requires some research. Some Award schemes have a limited number of categories that you can enter your business into (e.g. Customer Service, Business Innovation, Family Business), whereas others offer a large range of “Category” options, It is pretty self-evident that finding a category that closely matches what you do, and what you do well, is going to greatly increase your chances of winning.

With these important pegs in the ground my Award entry clients turn to me to provide both the experience of what to write about them and their business and to take the burden of time off their shoulders in actually preparing the entry for submission.

As a five times Award winner myself I can tell you first hand what that can be
worth to a sole trader or a start-up. It may be trite, but it still remains true, that "people buy from winners."

What Our Clients Say

 “Been working with Adrian on an award for one of our East of England locations, it has proved seamless and Adrian has been a pleasure to work with, would highly recommend."

Frank Meilack - Director Of Community Engagement At Memoria Limited

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