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  • SME Business Mentor of the Year 2023 and 2024

These prestigious awards mark the hard work of those who have helped shape this demanding and dynamic region, and our judging process singles out the true market leader

What My clients say...

  • 1603050251983

    Yvonne Denman - Network Marketer

    Adrian has been amazingly patient guiding us through a process to improve our business. I am happy to recommend him for his skills, knowledge and mentorship. He has set us up on the right path for growth. Thank you Adrian, not least for all the laughter we shared as well. Yvonne Denman

  • 1517662677562

    Keith Schorah - WordPress Specialist

    Adrian is an experienced mentor and has been a valuable source of suggestions, information and business connections since we started working together. This has helped me to develop my business in a way I could not have done alone. I always look forward to our sessions and discovering what ideas he has up his sleeve next! I thoroughly recommend a chat with Adrian to find out more and see how he could help you and your business

  • 1556640775786

    Ken Marshall - The Amazing Website Company

    I started being mentored by Adrian around September 2020 as I had pulled together some challenging goals for 2021. I want to scale and grow my business so it was imperative that I had someone who would give me totally objective and highly constructive feedback along with high levels of insight. Adrian has delivered this. It has been a delight to be mentored by Adrian and I am constantly moving closer and closer to achieving my key goals. It is encouraging, in such challenging times, that I have a trusted guide to help me navigate through my plan. Thank you Adrian.

  • 1594656149547

    Philip Kenny - Audiology Director at Premier Hearing Ltd

    Adrian with his 'fresheyes'is a great business mentor .With these challenging and difficult times in business ,reach out to Adrian. His knowledge insight and outlook has transformed the business and is massive value . book a 1 2 1 ASAP

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    Yvonne Hemmings - Automation consultant and strategist for online service providers who want to save hours and £hundreds every week by letting specialist software work its magic in the background so you can run a hassle-free business.

    I recently engaged Adrian for help with a social media campaign for one of my clients. I asked Adrian to put together a campaign that would raise the profile of my client who is in a difficult industry to promote. With #fresheyes he was able to identify what was needed and put together a 15-day campaign that has been used across 2 platforms and continues to be used. Working with Adrian has been straightforward and easy and I would recommend you get in touch with him, he certainly knows his stuff.

  • 0 (2)

    Rob Purle – Building Better Futures Putting you in full control of your life to build the future you want for you and your family.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Adrian. Such a straightforward, easy and simple way of working that gives confidence and a sense of excitement and anticipation of what's to come. Our campaign is running and we are loving it. Have a chat with Adrian, I recommend it.

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    Anton Oliver - Strategic Marketing Consultant and Coach for SMEs & marketing pros – both freelance & employed - with vast online resources

    Adrian is an absolute genius with getting us more visibility, prospects and helping us with our marketing campaign to recruit more coaches for our Academy. If you want the best results from you LinkedIn activity then I will highly recommend that you get in touch with Adrian. The man knows his stuff and he will get the job done. If you have a problem with LinkedIn Adrian provides the solution. Thanks Adrian for your advice and help with our new campaign.

  • 0 (2)

    Helen Bullock – Owner of HelenBCoaching

    What an eye opener it has been working with Adrian. He has introduced me to the concept of marketing myself and my business partner, raising our profile with regard to our skills and the products we have to offer our potential clients. He is highly organised and focussed on our success. Driving our progress and keeping us on track. Adrian has identified marketing opportunities and helped with crafting our product to meet potential client requirements. He is knowledgeable and highly experienced at what he does. I highly recommend you make contact with him so he can support your next move.

  • nick-arnold

    Nick Arnold - CEO Anywhere Wi-Fi Limited

    Adrian Williams - #Kudos #AmazingMentor Years of 'real' experience and knowledge is not often found in one person. Adrian is seriously results driven, funny, and takes a real pride in ensuring you benefit fast!. Recommended - You will not be disappointed.

  • richard-holtom

    Richard Holtom - Director at Prohas Ltd

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Adrian on the upcoming product launch of my SME safety4U package. Throughout this time he has provided fantastic guidance and valuable insights into the most effective way to market my product effectively. Fantastic experience and definitely worth speaking too if you need some support and guidance with your business objectives and plans.

  • andy-green

    Andy Green - Expert Web Developer

    Adrian is an invaluable person to know and worth every penny to work with. It is clear how much knowledge and experience Adrian has within minutes of talking to him, and the suggestions he made for my business were incredibly powerful. I'm super impressed at how resourceful Adrian is and it is a breath of fresh air to receive advice that is actionable and relevant to my business, rather than generic business advice. It is also nice to have a conversation with somebody so genuine. You pay for a lot less than you actually get with Adrian, and any one in their right mind should have a conversation with him. Thank you, I look forward to working with you further.

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    Tony Smith - Director at Genius Technology Solutions

    Adrian is the font of knowledge & experience that just keeps giving. Whether in workshops, 1:1 or in terms of friendship his experience is always worth listening to & I defy anyone to come away & not have learnt something. I would without hesitation recommend Adrian to anyone who wants a fresh pair of eyes that will provide valuable insight into your business, practical advice on development opportunities & solid, practical, cost-effective ideas about how to grow sales & focus marketing. On top of that he’s a great guy who’s good company & easy to get on with.

  • ken

    Ken Marshall, Making Websites Worth Finding - Passionate about helping Lincolnshire businesses avoid preventable website disasters cost effectively

    As a private client I can highly recommend Adrian as someone who does what he says and delivers on his promises. Within a couple of hours working with Adrian he had a concise and focused understanding of my business and its goals. The strategies he then formulated with me have already begun to generate tangible results. But don't take my word for it, he is very approachable, professional and honest, so contact him and have an initial chat. Based on my experience you won't regret it. 

  • Adam

    Adam Davey - Co-Founder and Director at Petaurum Solutions - Your Springboard to Success

    Adrian's #fresheyes tagline really does sum up his approach perfectly. In particular, he has a sharp focus on sales, with the ability to identify clear steps to develop campaigns with effective messaging and high impact. His experience, know-how and knowledge of supporting SMEs is first class, which have resulted in highly constructive and productive conversations each time we've met.

  • Lee

    Lee Hellawell - Josa AC >> Nationwide Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installation Specialists.

    I have met with Adrian a couple of times now and he has helped me massively with understanding key aspects of growing my business. Areas that I have often felt unclear on and found confusing have been made very clear to me and Adrians approach and methods have left me very clear with what I need to do. I look forward to meeting with Adrian on a regular basis.

  • chris-rose

    Chris Rose- Solver of engineering problems | electronic and electrical specialist | expert services provider for circuit reliability

    Speaking with Adrian, it soon became clear that in order to grow my business, I needed an effective method of generating high quality leads. Adrian's direct, no-nonsense approach really helped to quickly craft a clear, concise message that could be efficiently communicated with my target market. Not only that, we developed a surprisingly simple strategy to help identify and connect with key decision makers. Adrian told me that he is "very good at making work" for his clients, but in all honesty, I think the approach he ended up recommending has the potential to save me countless hours

  • Chris

    Chris Owen - Managing Director At Optimum Safety Management Ltd

    I had my first meeting with Adrian this morning and it was time and money very well spent. Adrian came prepared and we focused on areas of my business which I have not had time to think about and focus on in the past year. It is by far the most productive meeting I have had since i have been running my own business. I can highly recommend Adrian.

  • Bjorn

    Bjorn Bojen - Director At Orisel

    We asked Adrian in to take a detailed look at our business and I have to say, the suggestions in the first hour alone made the fee worthwhile. Adrian takes the time to come prepared, gets you focused on the things that truly matter and tells it to you straight. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone looking for outside help in growing their business.

  • Julie

    Julie Priestley

    Adrian has helped us improve our sales strategy and business growth plans, he is a wealth of knowledge and helped us see our business with fresh eyes.

  • Will

    Will Bown - Director at SuperFOIL

    We had Adrian in last week to take a look at our sales process and business, in general, to see what & where things could be improved. I only planned to pop in and say hello whilst he spoke to the team and instead spent the best part of 4 hours discussing business. Loved every minute and got some great insights. I highly recommend speaking to Adrian if you get a chance.

  • sonny

    Sonny Kurmi Chartered ALIBF

    I've known Adrian for a few years now and have recently signed up to his awards programme. I am delighted to say that I have won "Best Pensions & Investments Consultant 2022 (South West)". It is a pleasure working with Adrian and he offers excellent value for money to his clients.

  • Michael Melvin

    Michael Melvin - Melvin Creative

    I'd often thought about entering business competitions but was put off by the time involved in applying for awards and also the time spent writing the content. Adrian was a brilliant guide in helping me put together information that would appeal to judges whilst also encapsulating my business, its achievements and its ethos.

    As part of the process, Adrian also identified a competition whose criteria matched our business. Whilst waiting for the results of that Award, I entered two others using much the same text which Adrian had supplied. After being shortlisted I was delighted to be notified that the company had won the top award in both categories. I wouldn't have achieved this without Adrian!

  • nicola

    Nicola Richardson - Nicola Richardson VA Services

    I met Adrian at a networking event and I was bowled over by his knowledge and experience on how to apply for an award. Having worked with Adrian now I can vouch he makes the process simple and straightforward. He shares a winning template and reviews and edits to make your application spot on. He also finds appropriate awards to apply for. Adrian made it seem a doddle.

    As a result, I won two awards as best leadership and management Mentor in a UK Awards and a Midlands Award. Ecstatic is an understatement. Thank you Adrian.

  • Rachel Moore

    Rachel Moore - Rachel Moore Social Media Training & Consultancy

    What can I say? Adrian did a super job helping me receive "Best Social Media Consultant 2022". He is very friendly, approachable and professional and I am very grateful to him for all his help, support and belief in me as I never would have dreamt that 'little old me' could win such an award but Adrian knew otherwise! Thank you so much Adrian, I am very grateful.

  • Sara Abel

    Sara Abel - Zebra Creative Design

    Adrian said that he could help Zebra Creative win an award – and we did!

    Thanks to all of Adrian’s help with the Award application, I am delighted to say that Zebra Creative is the proud winner of Creative Design Agency of the Year 2022 in the Business Excellence Awards.

    We would never have entered without Adrian’s help and encouragement.

    Thank you, Adrian!

  • Stephanie Browne

    Stephanie Browne - Apex Bridging

    I worked with Adrian on the award entry for Apex Bridging in the Business Excellence awards 2022. I knew Adrian had previous success helping other small businesses win awards, but I still didn't think we'd win. Well I was wrong and he did a fantastic job helping us be awarded as Bridging Loans Provider of the Year 2022 - UK.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adrian to any SME wanting to win an award.

  • Jemal Deo

    Jemal Deo - Deo Law

    Adrian did a fantastic job in helping me to win "Best Wills & Probate Solicitor 2022". Adrian sourced the eligible award programs, guided me through the application process and resolved any issues that cropped up. A safe pair of hand from start to finish - highly recommend.

  • 1613420517276

    Jenni Letheren - JLL Accountancy & Admin

    Adrian led me to victory in an awards nomination. He was professional, courteous and very knowledgable.

  • 1547046459699

    Sam Robinson - Almond Financial

    Adrian has helped me achieve an award through excellent positioning of exactly what we do and how we do it, his understanding helped us secure recognition for our hard work, highly recommended

  • 1652695875144

    Arup Biswas - Absolute Write

    Today I am the UK Marketing Specialist of the Year thanks to Adrian and his great awards service.

    Do I need to say more???

    Do I need to say that he is a really nice and smart guy? Do I need to say he delivers what he promises? Do I need to say he knows awards inside and out?

    No I didn't think so.

  • Frank Meilack

    Frank Meilack - Director of Community Engagement at Memoria Limited

    Been working with Adrian on an award for one of our East of England locations, it has proved seamless and Adrian has been a pleasure to work with, would highly recommend.

  • 1575308112774

    Adam Davey - Petaurum HR

    We’re absolutely thrilled and delighted to have won an award as “Best Nationwide Bespoke Employment Support Services Provider”.  Many thanks to Adrian Williams for his support and particularly his encouragement to push us to apply in the first place. Without Adrian’s help, we wouldn’t have prioritised this – he provide practical advice and support along the way and the news we have won makes it all worthwhile. If you don’t know where to start with your award application, I’d highly recommend a chat with Adrian.

  • Paul Simpson

    Paul Simpson - Tax Assist Accountants

    Adrian is a great guy and very helpful, professional and provides a superb service. It is a real pleasure to deal with Adrian. He always produces work of the highest quality and is prompt when dealing with all his projects. Without his expert knowledge and Tuition I would not have felt confident in submitting my application for an award. Highly recommended

  • Claire Burgess

    Claire Burgess - Soar Development

    Hi Adrian -great news! Your record stays intact as you add another one! Thanks again for your help with this, really pleased to have won!

  • Ladey Adey

    Ladey Adey - Ladey Adey Publications

    Adrian is consistent in his sales excellence, he said he’d help me put together an Award application, he did and it won.  Thank you Adrian - I’m a proud recipient of Nationwide Publishing Company of the Year 2021.  I would never have entered if it hadn’t been for Adrian’s encouraging service.

  • Cristina Vannini

    Cristina Vannini-Goodchild - CVG Solutions

    Adrian from Consistent Sale Excellence has been instrumental in my award submission, he’s knowledge and guidance are second to none and would highly recommend using his services if you are thinking of applying for an award.  He has done thorough and comprehensive research on the matter and you are safe in the knowledge that his advice and guidance are trustworthy.  I have already secured him for my next year award submission

  • Ken Marshall

    Ken Marshall - the Amazing Website Co

    I have been mentored by Adrian for almost a year now and when I asked how a business went about entering an award he explained clearly how it all worked. He then took me through the whole process, I wouldn't know where to start. The whole process has proved seamless with Adrian expertly guiding the way. Adrian, as always, has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend that you speak with Adrian to discuss your next business step, especially if you want to discover how to go about entering for a business award.

  • Jeff Norton

    Jeff Norton - AI Digital Training

    Putting together an awards submission with Adrian was a pleasure.  He went through the process and the timescales and using the perfect balance of guidance, support, and encouragement keep us on track. Using his expertise, he took our content and gave it the polish needed to create a really strong submission. We have just been informed that we have won Digital Training Company of the Year 2021.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Adrian’s services to everyone.

  • Darren Dickinson

    Darren Dickinson - Sigmadx Ltd

    I met Adrian during an online networking event and immediately connected with his advice/logic around sales activity. My first one-to-one with Adrian resulted in a marketing plan being defined to be launched later this year, plus entry into the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 for Best Enterprise Class Digital Systems Integrator 2021. Working with Adrian is a pleasure in itself, he quickly understands your needs and articulates excellent relevant examples, sharing his wealth of experience in making sales and marketing work for you! Oh, and we won the Award!

  • Daxa Patel

    Daxa Patel - HR Results

    Adrian has been fantastic and is someone who is extremely knowledgeable about how to win Business Awards and the process that is involved.  He provides a great hands-on service. and you are with a professional when working with him.  Highly recommended.

  • Debbie Bridge

    Debbie Bridge - Voiceover Artist

    I found Adrian's help invaluable for my applications for business awards. Luckily, we got an award straight off with the national award as voiceover actor 2021! Can highly recommend Adrian.

  • Phil Kenny

    Phil Kenny - Premier Hearing

    We are delighted with the Award we won whilst working with Adrian this year. It has transformed our business, and laid down a solid platform for even more success in 2022.

  • Tony Smith

    Tony Smith - Genius Technology Solutions

    I need to give a huge vote of thanks to Adrian Williams for his mentorship, support & encouragement in seeking nomination for these awards. He has the skill of drawing out the attributes, achievements & results of the work we do in a way that catches the judge's eyes and puts across the care & dedication we have to create the best solutions for our customers. Sometimes, as Bananarama sang,  it’s not what you do but the way that you do it that counts and Adrian’s skill is drawing out exactly that detail from an objective viewpoint. Thank you, Adrian, Winning two and becoming a finalist in a third has been incredible.

  • Sally

    Sally Hurst - Business Services Consultant at Energy Matters Merchant Services with a difference & Budding Author

    Adrian is a true powerhouse of expertise and knowledge. I have already had the pleasure of working with him and I am about to benefit from more of his prowess with LinkedIn. We are all aware of what a valuable tool LinkedIn is, so combine that with Adrian's ability and the result is phenomenal.

  • Gary

    Gary Davies - Photographer of palpable portraits with passion in business, the family and community

    I attended Adrian's online workshop 'Five Pillars of Successful Growth for Small Businesses' and found it interesting, informative and very useful. Adrian has some great knowledge and experience. He expresses his opinions and ideas which are of real benefit for anyone looking to grow their business. I'd certainly recommend Adrian's services to anyone looking to employ best practise and useful techniques to facilitate business growth.

  • 1615221319394

    Neil Bhalla - Managing Director at Dollar Jeans

    Adrian has fantastic knowledge on many aspects of business. He has kindly been leading the funded sessions through Chamber of commerce which have been inundated with loads of useful information. As well as supporting with any other questions. A very kind, very knowledge and very experienced professional!

  • 1614972873299

    Clare Kendall - MICB

    I would highly recommend Adrian's knowledge and expertise in business growth I attended his workshop: Five Pillars of Successful Growth for Small Businesses Workshop. It was full of useful information for starting and growing your business, delivered in an easily digestible format.

  • julian

    Julian Bright, I write WILLS

    I was privileged to have the opportunity to 'attend' a Social Media workshop hosted by FSB and presented and facilitated by Adrian Williams. What a great easy-listening presentation style, that was educational, informative, and engaging. I think I know a reasonable amount about Social Media in lay man's terms [but by no means an expert], simply learnt through experience and a little trial and error. Adrian took my thinking and understanding to a new level. He is very knowledgeable but transmits that information in a highly rational and logical way. Making complex concepts simple and achievable is a gift. Adrian demonstrates that he has that. Great work Mr W.

  • 0 (5)

    Sharon Jobbins, Professional Virtual Assistant ◾ providing administration and project support to consultants, coaches, trainers and speakers ◾ specialising in EA services, project and event support and HR and Training industry.

    I met Adrian on a webinar through FSB where he spoke on Social media networking. His knowledge on the subject was immense and he spoke without using lots of jargon so that all could understand. He helped us to really think about the content of what we put out on social media, the best way to reach people, and even down to the size of the image for each platform. I'd recommend listening to Adrian or connecting with him and he will help you look at your business with #fresheyes!

  • 0 (4)

    Andrew Martin Entrepreneur, Networker and Business Developer, helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve MORE.. Ask me how you can earn a passive income from your Smartphone

    I attended Adrian's social media Webinar on behalf of the FSB, an absolutely fantastic event. Not only informative but full of useful tip and resources (free ones!) which I have already started using. Highly recommend you get on the next event

  • 0 (3)

    Dan M. Business development professional supporting SMEs through R&D Tax Relief at Access2Funding

    Excellent recent FSB workshop on effective social media campaigns presented by Adrian. Can't recommend him enough to help your business grow and develop without the need to borrow or inject large sums of money. I learned a lot and the changes I made mean I have a lot more new enquiries now.

  • 0

    Victoria (Barfoot) Dolling

    I attended a webinar recently run by Adrian Williams. Under difficult circumstances he presented an interesting and inciteful workshop, I came away with lots of ideas and confidence to move forward in an area I am not very knowledgeable in. Adrian offers support even after his Webinars with datasheets and one to one support if needed. I recommend Adrian highly and would attend any webinars he holds in the future.

  • 0 (3)

    Stuart Clegg - Payroll and workplace pension specialist.

    Adrian's 5 Pillars workshop was very useful giving both an overview and specific tips on how to optimise your ability to attract new customers through targeting social media. He also gave details on funding and other finance to increase profitability. He was welcoming and had open discussion sections where people could ask about their specific situation. Highly recommended!

  • 0

    Tony Smith - Director At Genius Technology Solutions

    I recently attended Adrian’s workshop for Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce on the “5 Pillars of Business Growth” – it was engaging, informative, thought provoking, and focussed. Adrian is extremely experienced in business and this shines through in his practical advice, tips, and ideas. The session was informal, and very much a discussion which allowed participants to join in, share their experiences, and explore ideas. Adrian is able to distil so much knowledge that I would without hesitation recommend anyone to take advantage of one of his workshops if ever the chance arises. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

  • 0 (1)

    Belinda Roughton – Providing bespoke solutions to your business finance needs.

    I was fortunate enough to have recently attended Adrian's workshop about the Five Pillars Of Growth for businesses. Adrian is a naturally engaging speaker who really knows his stuff and who clearly enjoys helping and supporting individuals and their businesses. He has such a wealth of knowledge and experience in business I would wholeheartedly recommend Adrian to anyone. Give him a call or make contact with him on LinkedIn, you won't be disappointed.

  • Nicky

    Nicky (Dewhirst) Dewhirst-Vickers – Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner

    Adrian delivered a workshop that I attended about the successful growth of small businesses...what a thoroughly enjoyable day. Adrian imparted some really practical and relevant information about the five pillars of business growth and how to apply these on a day to day business. His 40 years of being in business was evident. His knowledge was delivered in a clear, concise and interesting way which was really engaging. Very approachable and genuinely wants people to succeed. He has earned his title as a guru today. Thank you Adrian

  • Jeannette

    Jeannette Marshall – Owner - Marshall Vere Associates

    Thanks so much for delivering such a great workshop "The Five Pillars of Successful Growth for Small Businesses" on behalf of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. I learned lots of new things and (more importantly) came away with 20 actions to implement that will grow and develop my business. (And I've already started working on them!) I highly recommend this workshop!!

  • Steve Norton

    Steve Norton - Corporate Sales Executive @ Renaissance Asset Finance offering direct funding and refinancing of assets £10k-£4m.

    I have met Adrian several times over the last 6 months and have always found him polite and welcoming. Today I had the pleasure of attending a course Adrian was providing on the 5 pillars of growing your business, which finally qualifies me to write a much deserved recommendation. As expected the politeness and the welcome were both there. However I was also extremely impressed by Adrian's abilities and wisdom in using social media and networking to promote not your role but what you can offer to your target network. He allowed time and the expertise within the group to offer support to the candidates. He was also as prepared to share his bad experiences as he was to share what had worked along with his reasons for both. It was delivered at a suitable pace with a good mix of humour and challenging what the candidates already do. Finally he followed up by saying a thank you at the end and subsequently via Linkedin. With Adrian you get the modern ways done with old fashioned values. Thank you.

  • Ken Marshall

    Ken Marshall – Managing Partner- Marshall Vere Associates

    Great workshop today. Have already started to put things into action. The Five Pillars of Successful Growth for Small Businesses Workshop, funded by Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and delivered by Adrian, was well worth attending. Highly recommended. Thank you.

  • Andy Harward

    Andy Harwood - Pest Control and Management for Lincolnshire Wolds and surrounding towns

    Fantastic course by Adrian today on the 5 pillars of business. Drawing from all his experience made the day enjoyable and we all learnt alot. Thank you Adrian

  • Chad Bragg

    Chad Bragg

    Adrian has provided much needed insight into improving our business processes. I recently attended his seminar on "The Sales Play Book" which gave me a fantastic outline to create my own detailed action plan, specific to MY business, that will ensure our sales team has the best chance of success on every sales opportunity. Thanks for everything Adrian.

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